Endometriosis Order Sets

Below are a list of commonly used treatments in endometriosis. Always consider general analgesias, antiinflammatories, and stool softeners as well all all treatment contraindications before initating any new treatment.



    Naproxen 500 mg PO BID PRN

    Vimovo 1 tablet (500mg/20mg) PO BID PRN (Contains Naproxen with Esomeprazole)

  • Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

    Always consider pelvic floor physio in patients with chronic pelvic floor.


  • Oral Progesterones

    Dienogest (Visanne) 2 mg PO daily (continuous)

    Medroxyprogesterone acetate (Provera) 30 mg PO daily (continuous)

  • Intrauterine Progesterones

    Mirena IUD 52 mg package, inserted by MD

Ovarian Suppression Via GnRH

  • Patients treated via ovarian suppression with Lupron or other similarly acting medications should be given add back therapy.

  • GnRH Agonists

    Leuprolide (Leupron) 3.75 mg IM q monthly

    Leuprolide (Leupron) 11.25 mg IM q3months

  • Add Back Therapy

    Norethistrerone (Norlutate) 5 mg PO daily (may titrate between 2.5 mg, 5.0 mg, and 10.0 mg)

  • GnRH Antagonists

    Elagolix (Orilissa) 150 mg PO daily (for partial suppression)

    Elagolix (Orilissa) 250 mg PO BID (for full suppression - not yet available in Canada)

Surgically Induced Menopause Treatment Options

  • Estrogen Replacement Options

    Estradiol (Estradot) 50 mcg Patch Apply new patch twice weekly

    Estradiol (Estrogel) 1.25 g/day (1 pump) Apply topically to arm daily

    Estradiol (Estrace) 1 mg PO daily (may titrate between 1 - 2 mg daily)

  • Progesterone Replacement Options

    Prometrium 100 mg PO daily